Best Sex Apps For iPhone

Whether you are looking for a hookup, friends-with-benefits situation or a hot sex on a Saturday night, these top 5 iPhone apps will feed your mind on how you can spice your sexy time;


Previously known as Bang With Friends, Down its life as a hook-up app. Right now, it expanded app’s features and integrated casual flings and dating.

In the app, you have two options, either to GET DATE (implies that you want to have a relationship) or GET DOWN (implies that you want to hook up). These options appear as you browse through the pictures of your friends (including your friend’s friends). At present, more than 1 million of individuals enjoy utilizing this app.

Not only that, DOWN also caters exclusive hook-up parties, which you could learn only from the app itself. If you are looking for an easy to get laid, this app is your best bet.


While Tinder advertises itself as a dating app, lots of people join here to find a hook-up. Usually, pictures of possible matches up within your place pops out in your screen. When you like someone, you just need to swipe right. It is simply superficial but it’s exciting.

What makes it one of the best sex apps? First and foremost, men here are way refined here. Most likely, you’ll be invited out for a few shots rather than having rounds of sex.


Basically, this iPhone app serves as a calendar which allows you to track your sex life. Ideal for single out there who’d like to track their conquests in the event of pregnancy or illness, sexulator is also perfect for married couples who want to try to conceive.

And guess what? It as a discreet app icon as well that enables you monitor whether you had oral sex, full sex, a session with several partners or a steamy make out session.


Popularly known as ‘Seamless for sex’ app, Pure is another hook up application which allows people get down straight to the business. Compared to other hookup apps, you don’t need to undergo on pre-game chat. Typically, you’ll meet men and women according on your mutual attraction. You won’t expect any interaction here until you meet.

This makes the whole thing more spontaneous and exciting.


Too tired of swiping? Then, why not try Once, a matchmaker app that choose matches they think will match your preference. This work through sending handpicked each day at noon.


Are you one of those individuals who think that Tinder is loaded with relationship-minded people? Then Casualx might be the perfect alley for you. Bounded by its slogan ‘Tinder minus marriage-minded daters’, this app guarantees that it carefully review every profile that may be feasible with smaller number of users. It also added extra safety features like pattern lock.

These are some apps that 21st century has to offer. Now, why don’t you grab your smartphone now, download the apps mentioned above that fit your taste, upload cool photos and presto! You are about to meet wild people and learn some techniques to amp up your sex life.

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