Sex Drive How Do Men and Women Compare

Do men have strong sex drive than women? On the other hand, do women have a higher libido than men? Know the truth about men, women and sex drive.


According to a study, the libido of a man is really stronger and straightforward than a woman. On the contrary, the sources of a woman’s sex drive are much more difficult to hold down. There’s an assumption that women do not want sex because they are uptight and cold. But in reality, women’s libidos are greatly influenced by cultural and social factors, as well as reasonable biological and medical issues.


As a matter of fact, young women have around ten times more moving testosterone inside their bodies (considered as the most important hormone basic sexual desire in men and women) than estradiol (known as the most powerful type of estrogen). But as soon as they reach 40s, their testosterone levels are just half what they were in their 20s.

Whereas, men are known for being randy all the time. However, 1 out of 5 males have low libido due to low dopamine levels, psychological problems and medical conditions like high blood pressure and diabetes. In this situation, social theory can do considerable damage. Since they feel the urge to have sex all the time, they can deal with feelings of strong anxiety and guilt every time they are not able to live up to their manly responsibilities.

The bottom line here is that, it is unfeasible to minimize libido to a dichotomized stereotype. Some men and women want sex incessantly, while others don’t. And, there are countless reasons why both genders may lose interest.

What makes men differ from women on sex drive?

There are quite a lot of differences, and below are some.

  • Men think more about sex

As stated by a report made by Laumann, majority of men under sixty think more about sex, at least once a day. Only one-quarter of women claims they think on it that often. As both men and women age, they imagine less, yet men imagine it twice as frequently.

  • Both gender experiences different orgasm

Since men and women have different bodies, the desire they experience is different as well. When a man gets turned on, he usually get an erection, which results in ejaculation. For women, she experiences orgasm if she is turned on. A survey for a women’s magazine conducted in 2015 shows that 57 percent of women experience an orgasm when having an intercourse with their partner every time or mostly, while 95 percent of men had an orgasm during a sexual activity.

  • Women need more arousal and intimacy

Men get aroused easily, but women are different. They need to be physically aroused before they seek for sexual pleasure. Also, it is suggested that women need to have a sense of closeness and intimacy with their partner before having the urge to share the night with their partner.

Knowing the similarity and difference of a man and woman when it comes to sex is highly crucial to attain a pleasurable night together.

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